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Do you want to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in the training and coaching costs of implementing Agile? 

OpenSpace Agility will help you achieve these savings by being very efficient.

OpenSpace Agility achieves these cost savings by generating very high levels of engagement across your organization. This how and why OSA actually works.

Agile transformation simply is not possible without very high levels of employee engagement

By focusing on employee engagement, as a leader you can expect the following outcomes: 

  • A dramatic reduction in the coaching & training costs of your Agile program
  • A rapid, genuine and lasting Agile transformation
  • Much higher employee engagement scores
  • Predictable, reliable, repeatable improvement in overall results
  • Increases in stakeholder satisfaction and potentially, stakeholder delight

No other method of Agile adoption generates more engagement than the OpenSpace Agility method. 

Is your Agile adoption in trouble? This method can help.

Just getting started with Agile? This is the way to start.

OSA Level-1 is the entry point into the OSA Fundamentals, and is an introduction into the core concepts and facilities of OSA. This level of certification is your entry point.

Course Overview
This course is taught by instructors certified in the OpenSpace Agility™ (OSA) Engagement Model. It’s a full-immersion experiential course for those who are seeking a rapid & lasting Agile adoption.

Successful digital and agile transformations depend upon engaged employees, including teams, managers, directors and executives. OSA accelerates employee engagement though whole-group events and Invitation-Based Change™.

The OpenSpace Agility certification Workshop contains everything you need to get going now with OpenSpace Agility. This is a fast-paced, one-day experiential workshop.


Your in-depth knowledge of the Open Space Technology meeting format is assumed. It is strongly recommended that students first have experience arranging Open Space events in organizations

Who should attend?

Consultants, facilitators and coaches who support with process and culture change in organizations will get the most from this OSA workshop. You do not require to be implementing “Agile software development” to get the most from OpenSpace Agility training.

On the contrary: The OpenSpace Agility template, with before/after Open Space events, is valid in any organization considering any kind of process.

The following kinds of participants gain the most from attendance

  • Business and executive’s leaders
  • Managers of teams and departments
  • Coaches, facilitators and consultants
  • Organizational Development Professionals


This is a full-day class that is 8 hours online. The sessions are 4 hours over 2 days. See the Schedule for details.


  • OSA Overview. Open Space & The Power of Invitation
  • Planning before/after Open Space with OSA
  • OSA Execution Basics
  • OSA Execution Internals & Advanced Topics
  • OSA Cycle Internals: The Second Open Space Event (OST-2)
  • Game Mechanics: Goals, Rules, Progress.
  • Opt-in Participation and Invitation
  • The Advanced OSA Topics
  • The Standard OSA Problems and The OSA Tools for Addressing Them

Learning and Takeways

Everyone who participates in the OSA certification Workshop achieves the following learning objectives:

  • Competency in explaining the key advantages and benefits of the OSA approach to executives, teams and stakeholders.
  • Familiarity with the wide range of questions asked about OSA, and preparedness to explain the economics and cost-saving features of OSA
  • Readiness to speak confidently about OpenSpace Agility roles, rules, events and artifacts
  • Readiness to invite and guide executives into important and specific learning experiences before introducing the full range of OSA concepts and facilities to them
  • Readiness to plan, arrange and execute a complete cycle of OSA that begins and ends in Open Space
  • Readiness to coach teams, executives and stakeholders through a complete OSA cycle and important learning experiences
  • Confidence in how to plan, arrange, deliver and follow up on the enterprise-wide cycles of Open Space generated by OSA

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