Little Spark

Let me tell you about the untangible effect the course has had, specifically for me. The training was like a spark, it suddenly made me remember the many times in my career in different firms and circumstances, that I had adopted Agile mindset – whether it was to over come a system constraint, or implementing practices like test automation or release implementation retrospectives, or create a configurable solution, or to gain customer feedback through early demo practice (all of this without knowing about Scrum framework)…  it points to your skills as a trainer and learner, that you were actually able to ensure that everyone understands when to apply SCRUM and more so the Agile Mindset / Philosophy… the course hence help me recall my small experiences in Agility in previous projects. I felt as if I had forgotten many things about my career (18 years is not a small period as well :-)), but the retrospective mode in which I went (and still am), has made me more confident.