What do I do

As an Entrepreneur:

Having ventured into entrepreneurship, early into my work journey, my first venture was a small Deli and Coffee Shop, which I  started with my wonderful partner started way back in 2007.


‘HangOn’ was fruit of passion and a little demonstration of culinary skills of my chef and partner and her unrelenting energy.

In a small time, we did receive immense love and accolades from our patrons who still connect with us long after HangOn closed

It lead to something bigger and better, the foray into event management.

Lucidare Services:

As part of the new venture, ‘Lucidare Services’, the event management journey included hosting corporate parties, conferences and personal occasions with the same passion and themes which the patron themselves would love to bring to their occasions.

AgiVetta Consulting:

AgiVetta started as a dream and a challenge to change the ways an organization is created and managed.

A family rather then a group of colleagues, AgiVetta has grown from 3 Leading Lights to a journey which has directly touched 79 lives apart from numerous customers, vendors and partners who have experienced the differentiating factor when you bring your passion to work

As an Trainer:

Coming from a family of teachers, training is something which was for my inner soul like a fish to the water.

For me, trainings’ are not  just about an exchange of knowledge but an epxerience that can change a co-learner’s world

I conducted my first training in 1999 for a group of MCA students on personality development and interview skills and since then, training has been a journey that has been fulfilling, invigorating and intriguing all at once.

I have been fortunate enough to be a part of the learning journey for close to 15,000 co-learners from all parts of the world from USA, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Phillipines, Australia and more..

Currently, As a CST, I train ScrumAlliance courses including CSM (Certified ScrumMaster) and CSPO(Certified Scrum Product Owner), Open Space Agility courses ( OSA1 and OST1), coaching workshops ( Advanced Scrum Master workshop and Coach-the-coach program) and Leadership courses ( Agile Leadership and Invitational Leadership).

I would also soon be launching the Battlefield Agility courses and AgileFEED courses.

For my upcoming trainings, please go the training calendar page

As an Agile Coach:

Having started my Agile journey in 2004, I have been helping organization learn and transform their ways of work using the Agile Philosophy ever since.

As an Agile coach, I help organizations use best practices from Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, Battlefield Agility, Nexus and other agile frameworks

As a CTC (Certified Team Coach) and CEC ( Certified Enterprise Coach) from Scrumalliance, I have been able to help 150 plus teams for 60+ organizations to learn and grow with Agile practices