Who Am I

Story-Teller, Wanderer, Believer, Discoverer…

I wish the world could be condensed into a few words..

May be someday, humans will not require words to connect but just a look would be enough.

But as we have not yet evolved to be there, so, I play my little part, on this tiny blue speck in universe to ensure humans learn, communicate, collaborate and work better:

A CST ( by luck), An Entrepreneur ( by choice), An executive coach ( by passion), Leadership Thinker and Change influencer ( almost by force!) and an Open Space facilitator ( by hobby), I juggle between my multiple forays into the human behaviors:

As a business educator , I work with CEOs and Management to help them transform their organization

As an Enterprise Agile coach, I help organization achieve true and long lasting business agility

As a Leadership coach, I deliver Leadership training to executives and high-potential business leaders that ensures executives achieve and sustain long-term, positive behavioral change

My journeys have taken me near and afar, transgressing 37 countries and a 100 cities, each journey helping me learn something new everyday: About me, about the world around me and the wonderful people that inhabit our little rock in the universe.

Professional Career:

After joining my first organization and started my career as a .NET Developer, my second project introduced me to the world of Agile philosophy in 2004.

I do consider this as a lucky break, as I got to work directly with the Ivar Jacobson ( the guru of RUP) and has my first tryst as a ScrumMaster. During this wonderful journey, I did traverse through many roles of a Programmer, Tester, Business Analyst and Process Consultant.

Later, I completed my CSM in 2007 and joined a Scandinavian organization ,and helped the teams there transition to Agile practices as the organization grew in India. 

Between 2008-2011, I played a dual role. As an Enterprise Agile Coach for one of my large telecom clients,  and being a part of the team that helped transition 10,000+ strong organization in working in a more Agile way. I also helped my employers, start and establish Agile Consulting team by helping on-board and mentor fellow Agile coaches.

In 2011, I joined a BPM industry leader and helped the India teams in their transition to Scrum

In 2012, I joined a Dutch services organization and established their Agile consulting team at in India.

2015 brought the inauguration of my dream projects and startups in consulting and training focused on bringing a change to the way Agile transformations were being handled.

Training Career:

  • 1999: First Training Delivered on Personality Development for PG Students
  • 2004-2014: Trained on Agile practices and RUP for various corporate clients
  • 2013: Co-training with Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the Author of Scrum
  • 2014: Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) from ScrumAlliance
  • 2015: Launched India’s first Agile Coach-the-coach workshop
  • 2016: Delivered the first Agile leadership session
  • 2017: Open Space Agility Trainer from OpenSpaceAgility.com[now Open Leadership Network]

Community Work:

  • Co-Founder: India Scrum Enthusiasts Community (2010)
  • Co-Founder: Agile Pune (2010)
  • Co-Founder: Asia Agile Forum (2015)
  • Chair and Co-Organizer: First Scrum Day in India ( 2010)
  • Chair and Co-Organizer: Agile Tour events in India (2010-2016)
  • Chair and Co-organizer: Asia Agile Forum conferences (2015-2018)
  • Chair and Co-organizer: Regional Scrum Gatherings in India (2013-2015)
  • Co-chair: Global Scrum Gathering India 2016
  • Chair and Co-organizer: Business and Enterprise Agility Conference (BEACON 2017)
  • Co-host: Scrum and Agile Coaching Retreats in India (2016-2018)
  • Host: ABCD Sessions (2020-till date)

Curated list of speaking engagements worldwide:

  • Agile India 2008
  • Agile Tour India events
  • Regional Scrum Gatherings in India
  • Global Scrum Gathering India 2016
  • Asia Agile Forum events
  • Discuss Agile Delhi 2016
  • BEACON 2017
  • Torpedo (Tieto India) 2017
  • Software Development Forum, Kuala Lumpur 2012
  • GOTO Conference, Copenhegen 2015
  • Agile Singapore 2017
  • Asia Agile Forum, Nepal 2017
  • Asia Agile Forum, Dhaka 2017

Publications and Research Works:


  • The Battlefield Agility Framework: 2015
  • Swadhyay Framework: 2017

Contributor and Sponsor:

  • The Agile Vendor Management Manifesto  
  • Agile Manifesto for Governance
  • Manifesto for Agile Education delivery