Who Am I

Story-Teller, Wanderer, Believer, Discoverer…

I wish the world could be condensed into a few words..

May be someday, humans will not require words to connect but just a look would be enough.

But as we have not yet evolved to be there, so, I play my little part, on this tiny blue speck in universe to ensure humans learn, communicate, collaborate and work better:

A CST ( by luck), An Entrepreneur ( by choice), An executive coach ( by passion), Leadership Thinker and Change influencer ( almost by force!) and an Open Space facilitator ( by hobby), I juggle between my multiple forays into the human behaviors:

As a business educator , I work with CEOs and Management to help them transform their organization

As an Enterprise Agile coach, I help organization achieve true and long lasting business agility

As a Leadership coach, I deliver Leadership training to executives and high-potential business leaders that ensures executives achieve and sustain long-term, positive behavioral change

My journeys have taken me near and afar, transgressing 37 countries and a 100 cities, each journey helping me learn something new everyday: About me, about the world around me and the wonderful people that inhabit our little rock in the universe.

Early Life, Background and Education:

Born and brought up in a small, sleepy town in Haryana, in a family of teachers, I completed my BE in Computer Science in 2002 and later completed my PG Diploma in VLSI and Embedded Systems in 2003.

Not much to say there, just an average student who passed through the academic world, A little Wabi-Sabi.

Professional Career:

After joining TCS as my first organization and started my career as a .NET Developer, my second project introduced me to the world of Agility in 2004.

I do consider this as a lucky break as I got to work directly with the great Ivar Jacobson ( the guru of RUP) and gave me my first break as a ScrumMaster. During this wonderful journey with TCS, I did traverse through many roles of a Java developer, tester, Business analyst and Process Consultant.

Later, I completed my CSM in 2007 and joined a budding organization , TietoEnator and helped the teams there transition to Agile as the organization grew in India. I also worked as internal CMMi Assessor during this period.

Between 2008-2011, I played a dual role. As an Enterprise Agile Coach at Amdocs,  and being a part of the team that helped transition 10,000+ strong organization in working in a more Agile way. I also helped my employers SELA, start and establish Agile Consulting team by helping on-board and mentor fellow Agile coaches.

In 2011, I joined PegaSystems, a BPM industry leader and helped the India teams in their transition to Scrum

In 2012, I joined Xebia and established the Agile consulting team at Xebia India.

2015 brought the inauguration of another dream project, AgiVetta. A consulting and training organization focused on bringing a change to the way Agile transformations were being handled.

Training Career:

  • 1999: First Training Delivered on Personality Development for PG Students
  • 2004-2014: Trained on Agile practices and RUP for various corporate clients
  • 2013: Co-training with Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the Author of Scrum
  • 2014-till date: Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) from ScrumAlliance
  • 2015: Launched India’s first Agile Coach-the-coach workshop
  • 2016: Delivered the first Agile leadership session
  • 2017-till date: Open Space Agility Trainer from OpenSpaceAgility.com

Coaching Career:


  • Boots Healthcare Plc. , Nottingham, UK
  • Aviva, UK
  • TCS (Mastercraft)
  • McKinsey

Agile Coach:

  • Tieto (BFSI, Healthcare ,Oil & Gas)
  • Amdocs
  • Pegasystems
  • Barclays
  • Pubmatic

Community Work:

  • Co-Founder: India Scrum Enthusiasts Community (2010)
  • Founder: Agile Pune (2010)
  • Co-founder: Asia Agile Forum (2015)
  • Chair and Co-Organizer: First Scrum Day in India ( 2010)
  • Chair and Co-Organizer: Agile Tour events in India (2010-2016)
  • Chair and Co-organizer: Asia Agile Forum conferences (2015-till date)
  • Chair and Co-organizer: Regional Scrum Gatherings in India (2013-2015)
  • Co-chair: Global Scrum Gathering India 2016
  • Chair and Co-organizer: Business and Enterprise Agility Conference (BEACON 2017)
  • Co-host: Scrum and Agile Coaching Retreats in India (2016-2018)

Speaking Sessions:


  • Agile India 2008
  • Agile Tour India events
  • Regional Scrum Gatherings in India
  • Global Scrum Gathering India 2016
  • Asia Agile Forum events
  • Discuss Agile Delhi 2016
  • BEACON 2017
  • Torpedo (Tieto India) 2017

Out of India:

  • Software Development Forum, Kuala Lumpur 2012
  • GOTO Conference, Copenhegen 2015
  • Agile Singapore 2017
  • Asia Agile Forum, Nepal 2017
  • Asia Agile Forum, Dhaka 2017

Publications and Research Works:


  • The Battlefield Agility Framework: 2015
  • AgileFEED Framework: 2017

Contributor and Sponsor:

  • The Agile Vendor Management Manifesto  
  • Agile Manifesto for Governance

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