Upcoming public workshops

For Scrum Masters:

WorkshopModeTime ZoneDatesRegistration
CSMVirtual LiveAsia, APACMay 28-29, 2022Register
A-CSMVirtual LiveUSA, Canada, EuropeJune 04-05, 2022Register
CSMVirtual LiveAsia, APACJuly 16-17, 2022Register
CSP-SMVirtual LiveAsia, APACJuly 19-21, 2022Register
A-CSMVirtual LiveUSA, Canada, EuropeJune 30-31, 2022Register

For Product Owners:

WorkshopModeTime ZoneDatesRegistration
CSPOVirtual LiveAsia, APACJune 18-19, 2022Register
CSPOVirtual LiveAsia, APACJuly 23-24, 2022Register
A-CSPOVirtual LiveUSA, Canada, EuropeJuly 26-28, 2022Register

*Conditions Apply. Please see the registration options page for more information

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