Upcoming Public Courses

Course*DatesSchedule (India)Fee*Register
CSPODec 03-04, 202208:30 AM-5:00 PMUS$ 350Register
CSMDec 06-08, 20225:30 PM-11:00 PMUS$ 250Register
A-CSMDec 10-11, 20225:30 PM-03:00 AMUS$ 500Register
A-CSPODec 13-15, 20225:30 PM-11:59 PMUS$ 700Register
CSMDec 17-18, 202208:30 AM-5:00 PMUS$ 250Register
CSPODec 20-21, 20225:30 PM-02:00 AMUS$ 350Register
CSMDec 23-24, 202210:30 AM-7:00 PMUS$ 250Register
CSPOJan 14-15, 202308:30 AM-5:00 PMUS$ 350Register
A-CSMJan 31- Feb 02, 20235:30 PM-11:59 PMUS$ 500Register
A-CSPOFeb 07-09, 20235:30 PM-11:59 PMUS$ 700Register
CSP-SMFeb 14-16, 20235:30 PM-11:59 PMUS$ 750Register

*All courses are run in a live virtual mode via Zoom Video call

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