Agile Coaching and Consulting

Agility is not a GOAL. It’s a means to achieve your business goals.

Is your Agile transformation sustainable?

Billions of dollars spent over 20 years, 1000s of trainings, millions of person hours of coaching and ‘trying to be Agile’, but even after 2 decades of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development being created, we seem to be still missing the trick!

Less than 25% of organizations adopting Agile practices have reported significant long term and short term benefits.

So, what’s that secret sauce we are missing as an industry ?

It is not Agile trainings and coaching but Sustainable Agility, which creates a true value both for the business and teams.

Sustainable Agility is all about using the correct practices driven by a meta change management framework which doesn’t just try to fit Scrum and SAFe into every team, but helps the organization become a learning organization, which continually evolves to ensure true enterprise Agility.

My team and I are on a mission, to ensure that Agile adoptions for our clients are not just a process change but a truly sustainable, self organized and managed solution. Our goal is not to coach you forever, but to make ourselves redundant as soon as possible.

Agile by Invitation (not by force…!!!)

The very first tenet of Manifesto for Agile Software Development asks as to value Individuals and Interactions over Process and Tools but, that in our current Agile transformation initiatives, are the team members who are actually building the product, really allowed to have their say in deciding which process and tools that they want to use ? Seemingly not!!

When a change is top driven and managed through tools like JIRA. Rally et al, the ownership, the passion and zeal for change is missing. For Sustainable Agility to take roots, it is important the the Agile adoption is invitation based where team members, managers, customers, business owners (and everyone else) are invited to be part of the change, not coerced to undergo it by someone from the top. Our Agile coaching and consulting services help designated leaders and teams, build a true Agile culture together and sustain it through the ages.

Key Elements of our AGile COACHING ENGAGeMENTS

Invitation based Change

Helping designated leaders create an invitation to kickstart the Agile transformation. Open Space based meta change framework to help people and teams choose Agile practices that work in their context and space. Continuous organization wide retrospective to Inspect and Adapt the practices to ground realities.

Sustainable Agility

Once the team has chosen their Agile practices, they need setting up new organization structures and role mapping, tools and KPIs to help them get them realize the full benefits of using Agile practices. We also work with HR, Sales , Marketing and Operations teams to ensure that Agile teams realize their full potential.

Internal Agile coaching capability creation

The best way to understand if our Agile coaching is working for you, is to make us redundant.

Yes!, you heard it right!

Our focus is not to bill you for months and years for our Agile coaching. Rather, we identify and train your team members to take over the role of Agile coaches, so that they are available to the team when needed.

Flexible and Customized transformation roadmap

We help you by building a transformation roadmap that works for you and your team. Flexible and Relevant!

Case Studies

IPO bound, Fast and ready!

A little story about one of our clients, who were in the process of filing their IPO and wanted to transition to a sustainable, Agile way of launching their products. Request the case study here

Software Services, Heavy Industries, No problem!

Read about a client which provides software services to niche heavy industries customers globally and was concerned about how to use Agile practices across their various ODCs. Request the case study here


“The coach from Madhur’s team worked with us for the purpose of Agile Transformation.

The coach’s knowledge and expertise in Agile from both training & coaching perspective were instrumental in successfully migrating the team from waterfall to Agile Software development methodology. The coach always
kept cool head and guided the team very effectively. The coach was very passionate on agile principles and communicated that to the team very well. This motivated the team in difficult phases of agile transformation.
Also, I found interactions with Madhur’s team very professional and they delivered everything that was committed in time with quality.”

Director, French Telecom solutions Provider

The guidance we have received from Madhur and team is really great. His vast knowledge and expertise in coaching made our Scrum Masters best. Thanks a
lot for your help and Support. Let’s continue the journey together to explore more and more opportunities.”

Head – Agile CoE, Application Management Services Practice-
Indian Software Services Conglomerate

Let’s build something great together.