History! not Mythology – Part 1 – Ram’s Journey

I have always been an a-spiritual and atheist person who has visited most religious places more for their aesthetic value and calming atmosphere and that doesn’t include places just related to my parents’ religion ‘Hinduism’ but also to many other religions. What prompted me to write this post was a question a friend asked meContinue reading “History! not Mythology – Part 1 – Ram’s Journey”

Is being free and open a sin or a responsibility?

If you have seen the NetFlix documentary, Wild Wild Country on Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh (or Osho, as he was called in later years), or have been intrigued by what happens and used to happen in the Osho Ashram in the tony Koregaon Park neighborhood of Oxford of the east, Pune read on.. but … IfContinue reading “Is being free and open a sin or a responsibility?”

Your best chance to be an Outlier!

We all have been to a zoo once in our lifetime, sometimes as a child, some times accompanying our children. Do you remember that excitement that we used to have as kids to see an African Giraffe or a Gorilla or Sea Lions, all the way from a different country and continent ? But whileContinue reading “Your best chance to be an Outlier!”

What do I do in lockdown?

It’s May.. and most of us have been locked down since almost 60 days. Everytime we think it will open, the number of cases rise and authorities have to extend it. Yes, some of us are working from home but what about those who can’t work. Either the business is shut down, or simply weContinue reading “What do I do in lockdown?”